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Is it worth buying an iPod in these days?

Sometimes we all had or dream with having one of those music players from Apple, the mythical iPods. It was amazing the power to listen to your favorite songs on the way to the university or in any place you desire, and more on devices so small. The time was passing, and these gadgets were evolving in technology, design, and ability, making them a must-have for any music lover.

However, nowadays we can listen to music from our iPhone with a sound quality quite higher than we could hope for, and everything from a device that we carry it always. So, is it really necessary to have a second device to perform this activity?

What are the advantages of buying an iPod?


In 2006 many were the advantages of buying the latest iPod, and even after the departure of the first iPhone, it was a great competitor for the things you could offer in return of his brother. So, why don’t you remember the points that made us fall in love with these little gadgets?


On the first point, we couldn’t choose another that wasn’t here. The first thing that came through your eyes was the stylized design of the players from Apple. As is the case today with our iPhones, to show the world our newly acquired iPod was something that we liked too many, and more when we knew everyone would want to have a device so attractive to the eye.


When the iPod came out to the sale had an exceptional sound quality. Maybe it wasn’t the best, as he could be overtaken by devices like the Sony Walkman, but certainly, we could have something pretty decent on a device very intuitive.

Catalog of iTunes

Besides, to loading all our music files, we also had a large collection in the iTunes store to fill the memory of our iPod. To this day they continue to be, and its library grows with each passing day. At the time, this was one of the decisive sign when we were thinking of buying one of these devices.


This was one of the greatest strengths to the iPod for a really long time. The device allowed us to have a storage capacity overwhelming compared to what he gave us any mobile phone at the time, so we could store the thousands of songs that we had on our computer. However, times change, and now we have devices that exceed in memory to these ancient gadgets from Apple.

ipods on sale

In spite of all these good points, there’s nothing we can’t have with an iPhone. Can we have a grand design, an excellent sound quality and a decent set of music tied directly to the device you use most often in our day to day. There is no doubt that the iPod is a great alternative for elderly people who don’t want to complicate his life or even for children who are beginning to see the world of technology, but to users who we’ve been doing this for a while, doesn’t he look handsome leave us 400 Euros in something that we can have our cell phone.

So, if you are a person who can’t have his cell phone on top always, or if you’re a child / Elder, we recommend you buy an iPod. As of today, we can find many decent prices on websites such as eBay or Amazon, most of them used, of course.

Are you planning to buy an iPod in 2017? Leave your answer in the comments!

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