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Woman caught with 102 iPhones strapped to her body in brazen smuggling attempt

Getting a single smart phone through a metal detector on a door of customs is virtually impossible – that are built specifically to detect those articles, after all – so that any person who try to scrutinize 102 iPhones through a security control obviously going to have a time pretty bad. That is exactly what happened to a smuggler of bad luck in Shenzhen, China, and according to the reports of her arrest, she was not exactly all that difficult to detect.

Women small highlighted initially to customs officials because while his face, arms, and legs suggested that had a construction quite thin, his torso was extremely voluminous and covered in a sweater thick. Then, when it passed through the metal detector, it was clear that he was hiding something.

102 iPhones strapped

That something, as a result, was 102 iPhones neatly arranged and tied firmly to his torso as your waist. Together with the highly sought after smart phones, women also had 15 luxury watches of high range hidden in his person. The transport integer weighed more than 44 pounds.

iPhones Smuggling

The women had come to Hong Kong, where the iPhones can buy and then flipped in Shenzhen for a sizable profit. This gold rush of smuggling has led many people to risk the chances of being caught, and this “Iron Man feminine”, as has been bent by the forces of order, is not the first to be annotated with a ridiculous number of iPhones. In 2015, two men who were surprised months apart had tried to smuggle 94 iPhones and 146 iPhones. As for this latest Bandit, customs officers are working with local authorities to remove the charges.

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