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When will replace the iPhone to digital cameras?

which iphone has the best camera

Every time the cameras of the Apple iPhone with a more powerful hardware, and therefore, they are of better quality. When replacing the digital cameras?

There’s a saying used by photographers that read: “the best camera is the one you have with you”. But we can’t always have to hand a DSLR when we want to translate what we see…

iphone 7 camera quality

The house that the majority of people usually carries with it… Yes, the iPhone (or any other smartphone). Despite the fact that Apple has implemented significant improvements in the hardware of the cameras of the terminal, iPhone still does not capture best snapshots that digital cameras.

What’s that make digital cameras better than the iPhone?

The best cameras on the market are capable of capturing amazing photos with the bokeh effect thanks to their field of depth. The iPhone was able to do it but with a lot of boundaries. Now, with the iPhone 7 Plus and its dual camera, Apple has introduced the portrait mode to potentiate the effect of field of depth in the photographs.

iphone digital camera

Then we’ll let you with the comparison of the bokeh effect on iPhone 7 and a digital camera:

iPhone 7

best iphone camera

Digital camera

iphone digital camera

As you can appreciate the effect of blur in the background is greater in the iPhone 7, but if you look more carefully at the edges of the glass in the picture of the iPhone 7 you can see little flaws artificial.

Another one of the most valuable characteristics in a digital camera with regard to the smartphones are the photographs with low lighting. The iPhone has one of the best returns low light than any other smartphone on the market but has not yet attained the quality of professional DSLR cameras.

The sensors of the cameras they have different levels of sensitivity when you want to capture more light you need to boost the signal of these sensors. But amplify this signal has a distinct disadvantage: the increase in noise in the picture.

If you take a picture with little lighting on the iPhone you’ll realize that far looks more or less well:

which iphone has the best camera

But if you zoom you sure how horrible it is the amount of noise in the photo:

which iphone has the best camera

Having said that, yes, the cameras of smartphones every time is getting closer to digital cameras at the level of benefits, but the image quality is far from be equated to a DSLR. Maybe one day it happens, but that won’t be for another 10 or 20 years.

iphone digital camera

The same thing happens with the clocks and the smartwatches. Do you think the apple watch will replace someday to traditional watches? And the iPhone, will replace the digital cameras? Or the advancement of technology plays against her?

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