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WatchOS 3: How to share your activity with your friends

watchos 3 share activity

When watchOS 3 was launched alongside iOS 10 he brought many new features and improved performance for the Apple Watch. One of the social developments is to share your activity with your friends and family through “Share activity.”

Mainly focused on the iOS 10 App Activity, the ability to share your workout data requires an updated Apple Watch watchOS 3 and for you to share with everyone your physical activity. When you decide to share your activity rings and you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 10 and your Apple Watch to watchOS 3, do not hesitate to follow these steps:

watchos 3 share activity

Share activity on iPhone

  1. Open Activity on your iPhone.
  2. Look for the label Share on the bottom menu.
  3. Click on the “+” button to add a friend.
  4. The application will suggest contacts that have an Apple Watch, you can choose one or choose a specific one from the search box.
  5. You can make multiple invitations, once you’ve done all you want, click on “Send”.

watchos 3 share activity

From here you just have to wait for your friend accepts the invitation. After that you will see the calories, physical work and the Rings of others in the same tab Share. Once you follow a large number of people you can organize your information into parts, depending on what you want to see. You simply click on “Order” in the left corner of the tab and choose to share the reason for the order: Name, Exercise, Steps …

Clicking on any of the list you can access a custom menu with much more precise information about that person. In addition to aparecerte certain buttons that allow you to manage your relationship with that person: Silencing your notifications, hide or remove your activity as a friend.

watchos 3 share activity

Share Activity in Apple Watch

Most of the interaction with the new social functionality is performed on the Apple Watch. When your friends are about to meet targets, training or serving achievements receive a notification. Following this notification you can get more information about that person:

  1. When you receive notification of a person slides down.
  2. Click to respond.
  3. You can choose between various ways of responding that gives you the Apple Watch.
  4. Choose a reply option and send.

This response is integrated directly into iOS 10 iMessages, so if you answer some achievement, in messages you the context in which has been sent that message appears – so you do not catch unawares.

watchos 3 share activity

Source | macrumors.com

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