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watchOS 3 is bad for Apple Watch Battery

watchos 3 battery

We had the same problem after the arrival of iOS 10 to the iPhone and iPad, although Apple’s tablet hardly been noticed much change. Our readers reported a drastic reduction in battery life on their devices to install the new mobile software, and the same is happening now with watchOS 3 and Apple Watch first generation.

In fact, problems with wearable autonomy began to happen since the first beta version was launched. Even after a lot of beta versions, firmware still potentially draining the battery Apple Watch.

watchos 3 battery

The operating system of Apple smartwatch has implemented a lot of new features, including; accelerated application loading, the introduction of the Dock, the integration of Scribble technology, new fields, and so on. All this entails an expenditure of additional energy, and considering that watchOS 3 is designed for Apple Watch 2, the battery will be consumed much faster in the first generation wearable.

watchos 3 battery

How to improve the battery life of the Apple Watch?

The first, and most recommended, is to disable notifications of emails from the Mail app to Apple Watch, it is that the system constantly accesses the server every X minutes to check for new emails.

It is also interesting mode energy saving in wearable. This mode disables the functions of smartwatch and disconnect communications with the iPhone. To do this, go to the Control Center, click on the percentage of the battery, and activates the energy saving mode.

watchos 3 battery

What about you / as guys / girls? Have you noticed any change in the autonomy of your wearables after installing watchOS 3? You can participate in the comments to share with us your experience. Thank you!

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