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TSMC invests $ 2 billion in R & D to still take more advantage over rivals

The rarest example to see the difference between TSMC and the rest of the competition in the industry processors is the latest model of iPhone released by the Cupertino company, the iPhone 6s.
As we have seen, read and heard since its release, all models manufactured iPhone 6s do not ride a processor designed by a single manufacturer. We have the iPhone 6s with a processor designed by Samsung and another, equal in all aspects except his CPU-, designed by TSMC.
The difference has been noted quickly, ensuring many users of both models, the chip containing the TSMC part with advantages over who has the signature Samsung -more battery life, a tendency to maintain temperature and not overheat, or better performance are some of the most outstanding.
TSMC invests

The large investment

This excellent performance by TSMC has led the company to the Big Apple to opt in their favor in the development of processors that will lead future models of iPhone and iPad, which will be presented -presumably – from autumn this year. The A11.
This opportunity – in addition to reaffirming TSMC as a leading company in the industry of processors for smartphone- has motivated the public Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company to invest the dizzying amount of $ 2 trillion in section R & D, as we Taiwanese digital media reports DigiTimes.
With this billion dollar investment, TSMC seeks to take greater advantage of the rest of its direct competitors. The first goal set for them is creating chips 7 nanometers.
Mark Liu -CEO of TSMC- informs us that the project is already operational, and is between 30 and 40 percent yield.

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