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Some of iOS 9 Cydia best tweaks for your jailbreak

ios 9 best

As Apple have been adapting the policy of iterative increments for the software’s introduced, we were recently addressed by a new increment of iOS which was desperately being expected by the users of Apple. Since iOS 9 has been released just a time of a month ago so as the release of iOS came into being the iOS jailbreak community, as always was inspecting this OS and were deeply in search for any weakness or exposures so they could claim on the drawbacks. But since Apple has been giving such perfect and better increments than the previous ones, iOS 9 was covering up all the drawbacks and vulnerabilities that were in iOS 8.4.

As a month passed, we saw that Pangu team was up with the release of the new jailbreak tool, that could be supported by all the iOS devices even the newly released ones such as IPhone 6s and IPhone 6s Plus, these tools were heavily supporting iOS 9 as well. And eventually we experienced that iOS 9.1 was enforced just after the month passed on, by this act the jailbreak tool was no more effective on the versions of iOS which were above the increments of iOS 9.0.2.

As jailbreak has been much a mainstream subject now, and it’s even easy and simple to jailbreak any of the iOS, we have noticed that there are several users, maybe million won’t be something wrong to include, are foraying into the jailbreak empire. As we have been provided with App store, Cydia is considered much bulky to get on, with respect to the discovering of applications.

Since there hasn’t been such clear path way defined to discover new apps because of the inability to define new the top rated lists and editorial compilations, so what has been the result? Well we’ve ended up with the result of getting discovered new tweaks. We are going to inform you with few top tweaks that are for iOS 9 and easily available on Cydia.

ios 9 best


What jail breaking is going to serve you with? Well, jail breaking your device is going to enhance your device with further more competences, which mainly focuses on the aptitude to browse up the root file system that is kept distant from the users as it is considered as a lock down approach of Apple. Even though implying jail breaking on your devices liberates it from the boundaries given by Apple on the certain device but still even then we require a file manager to operate the operations of file management.

Cydia store is providing us with the best and most liked feature in the current situation. Cydia has been under the phase of development since a long time, and sudden and fast changes were often being made over time incrementally, and many new and additional features are added in this app within the circular period of time. iFile, on Cydia is enabling you to perform the basic and major functions that are possible, that is, you may successfully browse, copy, edit and several other functions can be done on your device. Now what’s a bit more intense? Well, you can even install third party apps and host your file system internally on your network. iFile is no doubt the strongest and best working file manager packed with much more functions that are required and must be sorted out, so don’t you wait for any other, because you won’t any resilient file manager other than iFile.


Some of the most widely used toggles easy to get from any district of iOS are fashioned by Apple Incorporation. Whereas the main issue observed is the lack of customizability options. To save the battery life of their devices, many users simply turn of their cellular data. Lately, it takes a minimum of three taps along with having to fly out of your existing application to immobilize the service.

Only because the stock iOS device owners don’t have the feature that would modify the toggles, it doesn’t mean that your jail broken device also has to be reserved by the constraint. Well, with the tweak CCSettings, you are now provided with the feature of adding multiple pages of toggles to the control center, along with the prologue of new toggles for instance, VPN, Cellular data, Auto-lock, Personal Hotspot and much more than this.


Doesn’t matter how well built the software is, after a few months of usage even IPhone gets a little slow and slothful. The entire data from the device is composed on the device bogs, down the device and occupies all the extra space which was supposed to be left free for new data and updates and provides us no utility. ICleaner comes in use at this point.

A single click it takes and ICleaner goes through you entire device and erases the unimportant or useless content in your device, and thus cleans it. It can clean up to 1GB of data in just a click when you are experiencing low storage space on your devices, in addition it is amazingly handy and easy to use. ICleaner will help you to keep your device by erasing the unnecessary data and content from you iOS devices and keep them fast and steady, if you literally want your device to be as smooth and steady; ICleaner is the perfect solution for this.

Virtual Home

The first ever Cydia tweak to take advantage of the new Touch ID hardware which was introduced with respect to IPhone 5s was Virtual Home. A few IPhone users enabled the Assistive Touch on their devices to diminish the usage of the button in their devices, so that the using period of their device’s Home button increases. When the button is used a lot, its tendency to work effectively gradually decreases within a few years of usage. For the most basic functions or even more, the assistive touch is required and requires only two taps. With Virtual home, you can easily allot the function of the home button to the touch ID hardware. With the simple tapping of the Home button, you are automatically taken to the Home screen, amazing isn’t it? But this application is also providing you with other features and gestures, for instance, double tap or a short hold, which can be modified to activate any action that you chose. Virtual Home is one of the most remarkable applications that was reduce the use of your Home button so that your Home button last longer and it also provides you with some other better and tremendous features.


You can easily activate the Home screen 3d Touch shortcuts, using any of the several 3d touch enabling tweaks on Cydia. The remarkable thing about this is that it will allow you to carry out functions even without initiation the application, amazing eh? But only the applications which are supported can take advantage of this feature. However, the Cydia tweak shortcuts also provide us the addition of custom shortcuts to any of the application you aspire. The tweak already support shortcuts for many of the applications and more are being added to it day by day.

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