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So they would be the Black AirPods

black airpods

Apple left us speechless with the presentation of the new AirPods, powerful Bluetooth headsets that connect to Siri to give us the best experience possible. Along with these new headphones wireless, we witnessed the arrival of crisp new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Along with the new models of smartphone Apple, one came refinishing “Jet Black” or Gloss Black, considered a special version of the iPhone because you can not acquire the basic configuration of 32GB. Since it is a special configuration would be nice to have a version of the AirPods for this edition, right?

black airpods

Concept bright black AirPods

The designer of the concept of these AirPods is Martin Hajek, who asks on its website? A shiny black iPhone but not a black AirPods Why?

Considering the immediate popularity of the iPhone 7 glossy black, which sold out in minutes, the designer believes that not only is not understandable the absence of the black version of Apple headphones, but also a loss for Apple.

However, since the EarPods was only released in white, it makes sense that the company has decided to preserve the design language of your headphones.

black airpods

While there is and no, the brilliant black version of the AirPods is quite convincing. The small LED charging base looks even better in this color also has changed Hajek silver accents of white AirPods for gold, which gives the units look more premium.

Apple knows perfectly capture the attention their designs, so it seems difficult to imagine that there would have arisen. Maybe Apple is being saved for future version iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus or simply be waiting to see the triumph of the white AirPods. You never know, what do you think?

Source | Mashable

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