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iPhone VS Android has been the biggest rivalry in tech for best part of a decade! A never ending competition is there between Android and iPhone. Samsung, Huawei, HTC are the leading manufacturing companies of Android Handsets that sell nearly 308.5 million units last year but on the other hand Apple made thrice of this profit last year, something close to 80% of worldwide smartphone profits. The main reason behind the sale of iPhone is its security! How? Let’s have a look of it. secure wallet iphone

If you’ve ever deleted a photo album by mistake or had your smart phone accidently wipe everything from your gallery, then you know that particular variety of “bottomless pit in your gut” feeling. Android Users should not worry as it is quite easy to recover lost photos. If you even google “How to recover lost photos on android” so a number of websites open up showing how easy it is to recover photos on android. Easy way is “Rooting”.

Secute wallet Android

Rooting is the method of connecting PC to smartphone and then with the help of online websites, photos are recovered. We just connect the cellphone to PC nd then rooting starts. For rooting there are many softwares that help recover the lost photos easily. Within an hour, we get our gallery back with all the lost photos!

Some of the famous apps that help to dig out pictures again are given here!how to recover deleted photos from iphoneIt has become the biggest problem for the users because Android users are not even able to change the smartphone because of this privacy hack. Anyone can easily access the photos and other personal data even after many years. It’s not about back up photos but even permanently deleted photos can be recovered on Android. This is a wide issue. Android mobile cannot be sold after once used but can just be crashed or broken into pieces in order to secure the data!

Although many of the websites also claim that deleted photos can be recovered on iPhonedeleted photos can be recovered on iPhone

But this holds true only for “back up photos” that are present on iTune or iCloud not for “Permanently deleted photos” on iPhone. If it was true for permanently deleted photos, an iPhone and an Android smartphone would have ranked the same then! The idea is not to be ranked higher but privacy and security matter the most! ITune and iCloud act as backup drives for iPhone so if we keep photos backup to these drives on iPhone than it’s possible to recover them but once we permanently delete the photos or date it is impossible to have them back. We can get back permanently deleted photos on android only!

This feature of iPhone makes it distinct among other smartphones as it is the most secure and private. Data and photos are secured even if we want to sell or change iPhone after used once. iPhone acts as a private and secure wallet iPhone! Now one can get the idea why are iPhone expansive and why are they ranked highest among other smartphones!

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