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Sales of the iPhone will fall if Donald Trump continues with its private war against China

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The Chinese government, through the Global Times newspaper, ensures that the sales of the iPhone will suffer a fall if the new president of the United States, Donald Trump, continues with its trade war against China.

The comment was in response to the campaign promises that Donald Trump conducted before his election, in which I mentioned that it would 45% tariffs on Chinese imports.

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“If Donald Trump imposes a 45% tariff on Chinese Imports, trade between China and the United States will stop completely. China will opt for the eye for an eye. The Boeing will be replaced by the Airbus. The cars of the United States and the sales of the iPhone will suffer a setback.”

Harsh words moved from the publisher global times, which sound to direct threat, and in which it was also added:


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Also wanted to point out that Donald Trump does not have the authority to implement the 45% tariffs on imports from China.

“The highest authority that has the president of the United States is to impose tariffs of 15% for 150 days on all imported goods and this limit can only be established under the condition of a declaration of a state of emergency.”

China plays a very important role in the sales of the iPhone. Tim cook knows, and in fact, has visited the country on numerous occasions in order to enhance the marketing in this country.

On the other hand, Donald Trump (before being elected as president of the United States) has already stated that it would force Apple to manufacture “their fucking computers and devices” in the United States instead of China. And this too could seriously impact on the economy of China.

What do you think about Donald Trump? Do you think the sales of the iPhone will go down in China? Do you think Apple manufacture their devices in the United States?

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