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Red iPhone 7 Burn In 25 Pound Black Powder !

What if anyone tells you to burn your 1K $? I know this seems wired. Yes, not seems wired it wired we are all aware. But some people are so mad they are trying to burn their 1K$ in the black powder. Before this, we already posted a video which shows a crazy man is testing and finding how if we put a Samsung s8 and Apple iPhone in a -22-degree refrigerator. So check that post better idea about what is the conclusion. The result was awesome. But after -22 degrees is working in the same condition. Just follow the text and get an idea what happens when we put a whole new iPhone 7 Red in 25GM of black powder and started burning.

iPhone 7s Red !

fire iPhone 7 Red

iPhone recently launched its new variant of color. So maybe it is not yet released in India. But will be soon. So according to that video, a man burns an iPhone 7S in 25GM of black powder. And knows the result? Yes, the result is WTF!! Type. Just scroll down if you want to know the result.

25GM of black power and Bang !

Red iPhone 7 Burn

If a man said that he is going to burn an iPhone? What you think first or what first came into your mind? Yes, I know you may think he is a mad or somehow he is rich AF. But here is man tries to burn a red iPhone in 25GM of black powder and the result is……

The Result is…..!

working burn iphone 7

The result is wow. After fire goes on a bang started. The smoke is everywhere. After the full burn, that boy went to the bucket and rolled the bucket is looking like “CONDOM” lol!! He found the iPhone near the bucket. When he picked up that. You know what? It is not shut. It is working and showing high temperature just need to calm. After some while, the phone is perfectly working. But the back was little damaged, but it cost 200$ to that man. Lol!!

Just check the whole video.

Via | TechRax

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