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Pop The Lock: Tips and Guide For Android and iOS

Pop the Lock is the new puzzle game released by Simple Machines. In this game, as is also discernible from the name, the purpose is to bypass the combination to open a padlock and to do so must by coupling several times a dot with a line.
The guide includes tips on Pop the Lock for Android and iOS will help you through the levels and achieve scores higher and higher.

Pop the Lock: Tips and Guide for Android and iOS

1. Look At The Whole Picture

While playing Pop the Lock is easy to be hypnotized and is easy to fall into the temptation to follow with the eye the yellow dot that turns in the lock screen.
But if you focus your attention on the ball, you’re more likely that mistakes, because you get distracted and touch the screen at the wrong time.

Rather, focus on the whole picture, the whole screen.
If you look at the screen without setting the focus on a specific detail, such as the dot or line, you’ll see that you can pass the levels in a decidedly easier.
Try to play this way and you’ll see that play Pop the Lock will become more relaxed, despite the nature in itself frustrating game.

2. Get Used To The Performance Of The Ball

As an actual lock, the scheme of Pop the Lock is always the same: the ball starts to move in a clockwise direction, at the first touch switches to counterclockwise, the second again clockwise and so on. In other words, when the line properly mate with the ball, it changes direction.
If you can get used to this trend, you will be well underway!

3. Do Not Get Distracted From Counting

As can be difficult, you must not be distracted by the numbers count positioned at the center of the screen, right in the lock.
To more advanced levels, for example already at level 19, it starts quietly but then, as you go down with numbers, it is easy to feel a little ‘anxiety and accidentally touching the screen.

Also make sure you avoid holding your finger in the vicinity of the advertising placed in the bottom.
Played a perfect can in a jiffy be upset by a pressure on the banner ad!

4. The Position Of The Ball Is Random!

Before you start scervellarti, trying to memorize all the positions of the ball of a level, you know that the position of the ball is random and changes every time it matches a line and every time you lose. So avoid trying to understand the mechanism and perfects rather your reflexes!

5. It Takes Practice, Practice And Practice Again

Usually you lose because they do not have time to press the screen due to the close position between the lines in succession.
Since the position of the ball is random, however, once lost a game because of the reason described in this paragraph, it is likely that the second attempt the lines will be more distant from each other, which gives you more time to refine and prepare reflections.

Keep trying and do not give up the game to the first attempts.
Of course, if he starts to whip you or feel you have pretty eyes tired, take a break and might try a few hours later.

Play Pop the Lock is a decent exercise to sharpen the reflexes and tactile remember that even if you have the tricks to Pop the Lock believe that can be added to our guide, you can suggest them by leaving a comment.

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