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Optical Zoom of the iPhone 7 Plus or Digital Zoom of the iPhone 7, which is better?

which is better

Apple booked in this past September 7, the day iPhone 7, a highly anticipated terminal for all consumers of the most famous Apple in the world. Although it is true that this seventh generation is not a radical change about the terminals of the sixth, yes that brings new never seen before in devices of the catalog of the signing of Tim Cook, as the resistance in the water or the dual chamber of the Plus.

This is perhaps the most attractive feature of the new iPhone 7 Plus because it is an advertisement for those users for which the camera is the strong point of a terminal. In Appleplans we have told you all about the older brother of the phones newcomers, but since PhoneArena have focused on the zoom, facing the optical of the iPhone 7 Plus and the digital of the iPhone 7. Let’s see who is the winner.

Optical Zoom of the iPhone 7 Plus vs. Digital Zoom of the iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 Plus integrates a dual camera 12 Mpx which is composed of a “wide angle” (this has been called in Apple) with focal opening of f/1.8, and for a telephoto lens that has an opening Of F/2.8 with x2 and optical zoom digital zoom up to x10. In addition, this house has six lenses and 4 LEDs flash with Truetone technology. Thanks to this configuration, the iPhone 7 Plus that allows between the double of light, the images have colors faithful even in conditions of low brightness and the possibility of creating the attractive bokeh effect.

Other Terminals with dual camera using one of the sensors to capture information of depth and blur the background, or capture monochrome information to improve the clarity. But the iPhone 7 Plus is different from the rest because he uses his second sensor of 12 Mpx to avoid losses, with the optical zoom up to 2 increases. But The Sensor Telephoto Lens of f/2.8 doesn’t let in as much light as the other, of f/1.8.

These are all the data on the paper, what Apple ensures that offers the camera of the iPhone 7 Plus, and seen so jumps to the view that the characteristics far exceed the iSight camera of the iPhone 7. That is why The team of the middle quoted has done the tests to compare both cameras and what zoom is the best. Then you have some images, in all comes into play the zoom. Judge for yourselves.

optical zoom iphone 7 plus  vs digital zoom iphone 7which is better iphone 7 or iphone 7 plus
telephoto lenseoptical zoom lens
digital zoomoptical zoom

The conclusions that have come are clear: The 2x Optical Zoom of the iPhone 7 Plus is superior to the Digital Zoom 2x of the iPhone 7. After Comparisons, there are better results with the dual camera with regard to the iSight camera, in terms of retention of data and image quality in general in different scenarios. In Short, it seems that the iPhone 7 Plus yes is a superior option in terms of camera, but do you think that justifies the price difference with the iPhone 7?

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