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How to operate the new AirPods for the iPhone 7?

AirPods iphone 7

Apple defined “courage” the act of innovation in the iPhone 7 after you remove permanently the connector 3.5 mm Jack for the EarPods. Something that so far none of the technology company had dared to do.

The company you want to pass, as soon as possible, to a new era without wires. To this end, presented the new AirPods with Bluetooth connection.


The new AirPods are designed to function in iOS 10, MacOS and WatchOS 3. I mean, they are compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and Apple watch. In addition, there are also products of other companies.

AirPods: wherein lies the magic

The Apple Bluetooth AirPods have integrated a W1 chip, is responsible, basically, the whole thing works like a charm. The W1 chip is the brain of the AirPods that controls the audio and activates the microphone automatically through the optical sensors and accelerometers of movement.

AirPods iPhone 7

To executives and employees of Apple, they love to mention that the AirPods are “magical”. Why? Because they don’t need cables, because automatically connect to get them out of the box, or because they stop the audio playback when you take one of the two AirPods, among other things…

Sound quality

As you know, the AirPods have yet to be marketed in the Apple stores. However, some lucky people have already had the chance to try. Although that yes, the majority of them have done so in a room full of reporters with a lot of background noise.

operate AirPods for iPhone 7

A few others, such as the user that you see in the video that we enclosed below, have had the opportunity to make a review of the exclusive AirPods.

Have a range of 3 hours after a load of 15 minutes and a range of 5 hours after a full charge. But with his special case, your battery will last 24 hours. It is important to add that they also have compatibility with Siri, which activates through tactile gestures on them, as well as the audio playback.

It is very difficult to know, at this point, if the apple AirPods offer a good quality of AAC Audio, given that the AirPods of the review are not the final product. Apple actually delayed their sale because were not yet ready. But they say that the noise reduction is absolutely spectacular.

What do you think about the AirPods?

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