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New notifications of IOS 10 are Spectacular

Apple introduced iOS 10 in a WWDC full of surprises. Both TVOS 10 as a watchOS 3 offer very interesting news for users of Apple TV and Apple Watch. Not to mention the beautiful new macOS Sierra! But in the case of IOS 10 is an awful lot of new features …
First, has joined the new app Home for HomeKit, enhancements have been included in messages, has been completely redesigned interface Apple Music, has been revitalized Apple News, it has implemented a VoIP API to receive calls from WhatsApp and other apps … and it has redesigned the interface and system notifications!
New notifications of IOS 10
The new user experience of iOS 10 offers a new look for the lock screen and its elements, rich notifications, better interaction with applications, most useful widgets, and new features 3D Touch. So are some of the highlights of the most advanced and stable mobile operating system in history.

Notifications lock screen

First, to boost the iPhone screen lights up to show notifications with “Raise to Wake”, a feature that was previously available on the Apple Watch, which is very useful. Secondly, now the wallpapers are no longer obscure the view notifications on the lock screen, and best of all, your new design has an elegant, visual, and super cool style with a white background and borders rounded.
New notifications of IOS 10

Notifications 3D Touch

Now, in iOS 10 Touch using the 3D function in a notification appears much more information as descriptions of events in Calendar, pictures messages, quick responses, interactive maps of third party applications … Best of all? IOS 10, using the 3D Touch feature, you can remove all the notifications in a single tap.
New notifications of IOS 10

Widgets and flange Today

Thanks to the new notification system iOS 10 users can access the Today tab and your Notification Center widgets a much faster mode by sliding your finger from left to right from the lock screen. And the widgets, as was the case with notifications, provide much more information and have a renewed and more aesthetic design.

New notifications of IOS 10

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