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New high-quality pictures of the iPhone 8

Over the last few months, we have seen many concepts, leaks, sketches and prototypes that give us an idea of how it will be the design of the “iPhone 8” of Apple. But today, thanks to the video OnLeaks and Tiger Mobiles, we can see more clearly the design of the new iPhone.

new pictures of the iphone 8

In the video we can see a prototype of the iPhone 8 iPhone X, iPhone Edition or iPhone anniversary which has a screen infinity that covers the entire front of the terminal, a top bar for the camera FaceTime and the 3D sensors, a dual camera in vertical position, a housing with a glossy finish manufactured in glass and steel band around the edges.

new pictures iphone 8

The model of iPhone 8 that you can see on the video is very similar to that of other prototypes that we have previously seen in iPadizate. But on this occasion, the images are much more quality and pays a lot more attention to detail.

That will be the design of the new Apple iPhone 8

The new images filtered by OnLeaks and Tiger Mobile does not make another thing but confirm the design of the iPhone 8 with bevels sides very small and Touch ID integrated under the OLED display. The reason for the manufacture of the terminal with glass thermoforming is obvious, it is a material with a high electrical conductivity, in relation to the wireless charging.

Terminal measured 7.1 cm wide, 14.4 cm long and will have 7.5 mm thick. Will be slightly larger than the iPhone 7 today.

new picture iphone 8

This type of prototypes, usually, are manufactured by companies from third as manufacturers of covers or other accessories. It is based on the rumors circulating on the network on the smartphone. Use these prototypes for design and attach its accessories in order to be the first companies to submit products after the launch of the new iPhone.

Over the last few years, these prototypes have proved to be of great reliability, and they were right in the majority of details. Although in some other occasion there have been small differences in some of the details of the design of the device.

Source | 9to5mac

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