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New and expensive details on possible iPhone X Plus

New and expensive details on possible iPhone X Plus

At the beginning of June, we revealed the launch 4 iPhone models at the end of 2018. We would be talking about an iPhone 9, an iPhone 9 Plus, an iPhone X Plus and a second generation iPhone SE.

Regardless of its nomenclature, which still can not be confirmed 100%, we know that the new iPhone 2018 could have a similar design, if not identical, to the current iPhone X.

Steve Hemmerstoffer, from MySmartPrice, has shared some new details about the possible Apple iPhone X Plus including a very interesting concept in images. The concept shows us a second-generation iPhone X with a 6.1-inch screen and an iPhone X Plus with a large 6.5-inch screen.

New Apple iPhone X Plus

This could be the new Apple iPhone X Plus

New iPhone X Plus as expected, is basically a gigantic iPhone X and comes with the same design. It is speculated that it will arrive with an A12 chip that will also be introduced in the second generation model of the iPhone X.

size iphone x plus

At first, we talked about a very expensive iPhone, but not as much as we expected. The 2018 6.1-inch iPhone could double the base price of the iPhone SE due to the design of the iPhone X (with Face ID). But, in turn, it would cost up to $ 400 less than the iPhone X Plus.
iphone x plus design

Another of the most interesting features that we can shed from these concepts is the implementation of a single 6.1-inch iPhone camera. Therefore, we can venture to say that this model will not have 2x optical zoom.

Anyway, probably the vast majority of users opt for this model because as we mentioned previously the iPhone X Plus (or iPhone 9 Plus) will have an excessively high price. what do you think about this news?

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