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New Beats see the Keynote iPhone 7

keynote iphone 7

Next Wednesday will take place the keynote of Apple in which present to the world its new flagship, the iPhone 7. However, the smartphone will not come alone, but is expected to be accompanied by other devices such as the Apple Watch 2 and also new products under the brand Beats.

According to the latest rumors in the network, a promotional email from a partner Beats reveals that there will be a selection of new Beats products will be announced shortly. It is not known exactly what kind of products Beats may occur, but the brand is known for having a wide variety of Bluetooth headsets and portable speakers.

keynote iphone 7

On the other hand, Apple is expected to present a wireless Bluetooth headset called “AirPods” in the next keynote. Of course, it is not yet clear whether these headphones are sold under the Apple or Beats brand.

Any new products Beat sight?

According to latest leaks, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be accompanied by a new EarPods with Lightning connector, confirming the elimination of 3.5mm from which much has been said these months. And it is that by the time the iPhone still come accompanied with an EarPods Apple brand, while the rest of Beats headphones are sold separately.

Given the changes that will make Apple’s iPhone in July, everything seems to indicate that the new Beats headphones to submit next Wednesday follow the same steps. That is, you could see several models of headphones with Lightning or connect via Bluetooth.

keynote iphone 7

Remember that the iPhone 7 Keynote will take place on Wednesday 7 September at 19:00 CET in Spain. In Appleplans we are soldiering, so if you do not want to miss any detail not go very far. We will wait for you!

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