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What do you need the iPhone 8 to be perfect

apple iphone 8

The iPhone 7 and 7 plus barely have a few weeks between us, but it has become a custom to see how soon after the arrival of the latest model market start dating rumors about the next generation. And on this occasion the rumors about the iPhone 8 they haven’t done a lot of begging, more if we take into account that just next year marks the tenth anniversary of the smartphone from Apple.

Following the line of update from Apple the most logical thing is that next year we launched the iPhone 7s, but the majority of rumors suggest that he will jump and pass directly to the iPhone 8. But, what characteristics should have the iPhone 8 to be the perfect smartphone?

apple iphone 8

iPhone 8, the smartphone more expected of the history of Apple

In the beginning it was expected that Apple threw three different models of iPhone 7, but in the end it wasn’t like that. That’s why, it is believed that the iPhone 8 really could be chosen to introduce a new model of larger size.

So, the models would be the following: the iPhone 8 with 4,7 inch screen, the iPhone 8 Plus with 5,5 inch screen and finally, the iPhone 8 Pro, the new model with 5,8 inch screen that would be considered premium. The three models could count on AMOLED screen without edges, and in the case of the iPhone 8 Pro would be a curved screen.

apple iphone 8

Another step that could give Apple to get the iPhone 8 is perfect would be to remove the home button and integrate it into the screen. In the interior it is expected that integrates the processor a11 from Apple manufactured with the process of 10 NM, as well as a storage of 32, 128 or 256 GB.

And What’s wrong with the camera? It would be really amazing to see how the iPhone 8 gives a great leap in the camera and make up a 21 megapixel sensor. The iPhone 7 offers a great quality in their photos and videos, but thanks to that 21 megapixel sensor would end by giving a blow to the table.

apple iphone 8

On the other hand, there have been rumors that the iPhone 8 would be able to store also the fingerprints of strangers and would have an iris scanner that would increase even more security. In addition, it is believed that the iPhone 8 will have a body of Sapphire Glass Super resistant, although the premium model could be produced in pottery as well as the new Apple Watch Edition Series 2.

Finally, I wouldn’t be anything bad to see how the iPhone 8 becomes the first smartphone from Apple to have wireless charging. Something that would be appreciated after the connector of these headphones in the Iphone 7, because if you don’t have Bluetooth Headphones. You can’t listen to music and to charge the device at the same time.

For You, what characteristics should have the iPhone 8 to become the perfect smartphone? Tell us about it in the comments!

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