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In the near future, our iPhone last longer by law

There are times that the European Parliament succeeds in making things really interesting for citizens of member countries. If they succeed in carrying out the measures that have recently proposed with regard to the life and repair of electronic devices, this could be one of those times. And the truth is that it would not come evil that had a little more controlled the theme of obsolescence scheduled because it can be quite annoying.

The question is the following, manufacturers need that its products are worn, but because very few users would change. Therefore, do not make use of certain materials or components, or use them in their just measure, for which the devices have a useful life that allows the user to feel that has repaid its purchase, and that at the same time hold the unit with the brand. The problem is that certain companies are moving too.

Do We benefit or companies will find the way to damage us?

Will benefit us or loss

Some companies are choosing to manufacture their products so that you know when these will cease to operate correctly. This is what you want to avoid the European Parliament, and had therefore been raised a series of measures designed to compel companies to maintain some standards of resistance and repair. Some of these measures are, for example, to establish a minimum of resistance for devices, or that the batteries and screens to stop are completely fixed to the rest of the components.

In this way, not only want the minimum quality of the products for which both paid improve, but also want to give users the option to repair your device without having to resort to the official methods, which tend to be quite expensive in the event that our device is no longer under warranty. We hope as I said at the beginning, that these measures reach somewhere, and not remain a simple draft.

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