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How much the iPhone 8 Cost?

How much the iPhone 8 Cost?

While the iPhone 7 is the most expensive smartphone yet, the iPhone 8 will probably be even more expensive. This is attributed to the new features of the next iPhone. The new OLED screen significantly impacts the new price of the iPhone 8, as well as a faster processor and a bigger memory. With the new OLED screen. Apple is expected to get rid of the home button, which will be integrated into the screen from edge to edge. It is hoped that the new iPhone 8 has a 5.8-inch screen and a dual-Lens Camera, such as the iPhone 7 Plus.

How much the iPhone 8 cost? Probably more than $ 1,000.
Too much? Well, bearing in mind that the 256 GB Version of iPhone 7 Plus costs $ 969 we can’t pretend that the 4 digits are too much for the iPhone 8, considering that it will be the most
Rich in functions.

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