Friday , December 6 2019
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Mobile Charging with a Potato

Mobile Charging with a Potato

Today I’m going to be testing the rumor that you can charge an iPhone with a potato, so I’ve seen a lot of rumors online I’m actually saw a video it appeared to work actually where you just plug you know the normal power stuff and no potato and it actually charge the iPhone so no I wasn’t sure if there is anything you know tricky going on or I don’t know so I just wanted the test set so also if you guys want to while I do this at home this is what you need so just a potato cut this is the local supermarket you know easy to find it’s a real potato the actual you know power converter that you plug into the wall the cord which you know you plug into the phone and the actual phone to test it on you know this is an iPhone 6, so here we go let’s see if this remover works or not.

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