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Microsoft ridicules Apple in its latest ads

The Most Ridiculous Apple Failures

There is a nothing new constant battle between Microsoft and Apple, this time; Microsoft has raised the battle flag and attacked in several ads to Apple Macs. In the Redmond these ads have sought to highlight the advantages of their devices offer against the company bite the apple.

Perhaps you’re thinking that Microsoft has not been able to face these ads and has just talked about things that many give us equally. However, removing insects, one must admit that Microsoft has done quite well highlighting the features that Windows 10 offers users. Only is your opinion as a user of whether or not these functions are necessary for you.

The Most Ridiculous Apple Failures

The Bug Chicks, the new series of ads Microsoft

As I have already mentioned, Microsoft has shared a new series of ads called “The Bug Chicks”; in trying to promote the advantages of computers with Windows 10 versus Macs. All ads end with the slogan: “Windows 10 PCs do more. Just like you. “(In Spanish,” Computers with Windows 10 do more. Just like you. ”

Meet The Bug Chicks

The first ad features The Bug Chicks, two women who are identified with the concept ” real people pay for real options “ and focuses on how computers help them teach about insects using PowerPoint and other applications and Windows 10 features.


There are three other ads that individually highlight a contribution of Windows 10 as Cortana, Inking or Hello. In each 15 – second ad it is referred to as “the new Macs do not have this” or “Macs do not have the touch screen”.

Windows 10 and Cortana

In this ad The Bug Chicks show as the personal assistant of Microsoft can be used on the desktop to find anything just talking. But do not forget that in OS X 10.12 Siri come to our Macs.


Windows 10 and Inking

In this ad shown as some computers with Windows, 10 have a touch screen, allowing them to write or draw directly on the screen. This, as you know, can not be found on Macs and possibly not find in a long time.


Windows 10 and Hello

The latter teaches advertising spot as one of the women unlock your computer with facial recognition, using the front camera without the use of any key. This biometric functionality works with your Iris, Fingerprint or Face depending on the computer.


Apple continues to grow

Yes, it is truly undeniable that Apple does not have these features on their Macs. However, Apple is the only company that has not seen its sales of computers down if not that, on the contrary, have risen in the last quarter, reaching sales of 5.7 million Macs.

The Most Ridiculous Apple Failures

What have ads like Microsoft? Do you think Apple should include some of these features on their Macs? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

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