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How many users will go for the iPhone 7?

users for the iphone 7

As every year, the arrival of a new generation of smartphone Apple makes revolutionize the market, and many users decide to change your current device. In the case of the iPhone 7, it will not be different, but how many users decide to give away his smartphone to take the new flagship Apple?

According to a recent survey by Insurance2GO, 50% of current iPhone users will jump to the new iPhone 7. The survey was conducted by the insurance company a total of 1,014 people in the UK, and the results are quite interesting.

users for the iphone 7

On the other hand, the survey revealed that 19% of those surveyed owners of an iPhone platform will change and so will a Samsung device. Something that is at least surprising.

Much of iPhone users updated to the new model

While it is true that the survey conducted by Insurance2GO says that 19% of iPhone users plan to change mobile will make a Samsung device, there are also 8% that will do to someone other than the South Korean brand. Overall, 27% of iPhone users change their mobile other than Apple.

On the other hand, the survey says that most iPhone owners (50%) plans to gain iPhone 7. That makes only 23% of surveyed users will be maintained as it is, does the reason?

users for the iphone 7

Among the main reasons given by users in the survey Insurance2GO is the price, is that many people can not afford to change mobile every year. On the other hand, another reason not to upgrade your current iPhone is that it is good enough for the user and meet your needs, so you do not feel the need to retire him.

Finally, it says that this survey was conducted on 4 July, before the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which has been embroiled in a controversy. And is that as you know, last September 2 Samsung decided to stop shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 for problems related to the battery, so it is possible that if done again survey the percentage of users who thought switching to Samsung equal have thought it better … or not.

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