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Want to see the latest iPhone 8?

At the beginning of today, a report from Bloomberg offered a little more information on the software interface of the latest iPhone 8, saying that the device will adopt the new interface of Dock used by the iPad in iOS 11. Now, new renders and a video showing exactly what they might seem …

latest iPhone 8

The report of this morning explains that the iPhone 8 would adopt a new design multitasking and new gestures in order to accommodate their lack of start button and the design without a bezel.

A new video (below) of the developer Guilherme Rambo shows what the dock would look like and how the gestures could be used for multitasking, as well as the new interface multitasking. The Dock shown here shows the same section recently opened on the right side as the iPad, that the static applications located to the left.

Separately, a render of Olivier Charavel displays the new Dock, as well as the new tab thin at the bottom of the interface. This tab will allow users to quickly access the interface multitasking. The cutting of a notch along the top is also frequent, although a missing section of spring used recently. It is not clear if Apple plans to bring that to the iPhone or not because it would take a considerable amount of space.

Finally, the new renderings of the designer Maksim Petriv also show how you see the applications on the iPhone 8. With the cutting of a notch along the top, applications will be adjusted around that and the status bar updated. The report of this morning explains that the time will be placed in the “left ear” the notch, while the right side will be the home of the signal bars.

As Benjamin explained this morning, Apple is apparently moving rapidly toward the gestures on the iPhone because it drops the start button physical. The gestures have long been an integral part of iOS, but the iPhone 8 will increase this dependence.

It is expected that Apple unveils the new iPhone 8 next month in an event. In addition to the changes in the UI, the iPhone 8 will bring an OLED screen, a design of glass completely new, and much more. Next, to the iPhone 8, Apple will announce a new 4 k HDR Apple TV, as well as a new clock of Apple LTE.

Review the video and renders down. What do you think of how Apple could manage the navigation on the latest iPhone 8? Let us know in the comments.

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