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How to know if your iPhone or iPad has a virus and how to fix it

How to know if your iPhone or iPad has a virus and how to fix it

When we mention the word “virus” often think on a PC with windows or, to a lesser extent, in a smartphone with Android. Very few times relate to a virus or malware with an Apple device, such as iPhone and its operating system iOS.

It is true that we are all in agreement that the Apple devices are much safer, however, it is also possible that these are “infected” by some virus. And that is precisely what we’re gonna teach you to detect today: will take your iPhone or iPad any virus? Figure it out!

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How to find out if my iPhone or iPad has a virus

In Technical Terms, a virus is a chain of malicious code that can be inserted in a specific application and cause the malfunctioning of the device. That’s why, to have a virus on your iPhone, probably start to notice that something is not right with him.

In spite of this, it is very difficult for an application downloaded from the app store contains one, since Apple is very strict with applications that are uploaded to your store, and they perform a thousand tests on the same before being published.

Below, these are some of the questions that will help you to determine if your iPhone contains a virus or not:

DO I have the Jailbreak done on my device?

The Jailbreak is fine, yeah. Offers a lot of freedom and customization, yes. However, everything that gives us positive offers it to us in a negative. It’s about the safety of the iPhone, all the security that we lose in our smartphone to perform the jailbreak to this one. Especially if we unload tweaks of unofficial repositories, that’s when the risk is even greater.

The Solution? Uninstall all the tweaks installed unofficial repositories since we don’t know what’s really behind it and it may have been created with the sole purpose of infecting your device of malware. Just installed and only tweaks of official repositories.

Feel weird stuff on the device when it is used for a specific application

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Despite the security used by Apple to avoid virus apps in the app store, it may be that some skip these security measures and sneaks in the app store, with the subsequent download of the user and the malfunction of the device When this is being used. Bugs like the opening of safari or the app store without the permission of the user.

If that’s the problem you have, the solution is as easy as uninstalling the app from your device and try to warn Apple problems caused by the application and that they can check more thoroughly.

Your iPhone or iPad work badly all the time

Unlike the previous case, it may be that your iPhone or iPad work consistently wrong, no matter what app you use. In that case is much more likely to be a mistake of hardware.

That’s why we recommend that you, first of all, you make a restoration of the device and this step you will erase any traces of the virus. And, secondly, if the problem persists after the restoration, please visit the Apple store, and there will solve your problem.

How to fix any errors of iOS caused by a virus

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In Short, we know that iOS is very safe and very difficult to be hacked or infected with some kind of virus, but it is possible that rarely happens. What to do so if my iPhone or iPad has been infected?

1. Detects and removes the applications that are problematic. For this, you can go for the latest app installed and go testing if, after eliminating one at a time, it solves the problem or not.

2. Delete data from the website. If what you’re having trouble with is the navigation on safari, that redirects to pages or sites not approved, it will be best to erase the history and cache from the app. For This, go to: Settings > Safari > Clear History and website data > accept.

3. Reboot the device. It may sound absurd, but many times a good reboot is a good solution to the problems. This will not remove the virus, but it may be that the device simply works badly without having a virus and that with a simple reboot is solved.

4. And, finally, done a hard reset of the device. If none of the above methods has solved the problem with your iPhone or iPad, you should make a restoration of the device. In order to do this go to Settings > General > RESET > Restore content and settings. If the problem persists, please visit a genius bar in any Apple store.

Before I finish, remember that it is important that your device is updated to the latest version of iOS, which will solve among many things, security problems and thus you viruses or malware on your smartphone.


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