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Jet Black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus won’t be available in Apple Stores this Friday

apple store iphone 7

Everything seems to indicate that Apple will again achieve great success with your new smartphone. Tomorrow the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will land at the Apple Store, but it seems that some models will not reach stores.

But, what is this so? Well, it seems that the iPhone 7 has been so successful among users that some models have been exhausted. Specifically, it is the iPhone 7 in Jet Black and all models of the iPhone 7 Plus, regardless of color.


apple store iphone 7

A representative of the company on the block told Mashable via email that the iPhone 7 Jet Black is not available in the Apple Store for customers who do not have reservation on Friday. However, other colors yes that will be available, albeit in limited quantities.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, exhausted before arrival at the Apple Store

While users who have booked their iPhone 7 Yes that can be done with some 4.7 – inch models come tomorrow if the Apple Store, in the case of seeking the 5.5 – inch model thing will not be so easy. Moreover, it seems that the iPhone 7 Plus is not available in stores until further notice.

So if you were expecting your iPhone 7 as a godsend and you made your reservation on time will have no problem. But if you decide to take a chance and go tomorrow to the Apple Store for your new phone you may have to wait, and not a little precisely.

apple store iphone 7

Apple spokesman said that “from Friday iPhone 7 in silver, gold, pink gold and black will be available in limited quantities to customers at the Apple Store amounts”. On the other hand, he said that “during the online pre – booking, the initial amounts of iPhone 7 Plus on all models have been exhausted and iPhone 7 Jet Black equal, so will not be available for customers without an appointment”.

The Jet Black variant of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus sold out in minutes after opening within reserves last Sept. 9. Today you can still book this model, but has a shipping estimate between 3 and 5 weeks (for iPhone 7) and November (for iPhone 7 Plus) time.

apple store iphone 7

Although Apple has attempted not to have these problems initial stock with their new flagships, finally the avalanche of users who have purchased the iPhone 7 has been higher than its forecast. Of course, you can not make an estimate of global sales iPhone 7, since no one knows for sure how many units Apple had initially available.

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