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This would be the iPhone X, Apple’s future smartphone

iPhone 8, iPhone X… There are various names which is under consideration for the future generation of smartphone from Apple, but nothing has yet to be decided. There are several months ahead until September and the company of the apple from known to the world to one of the most anticipated iPhone, and it is expected a big change due to the fact that this year marks 10 years since Launched the iPhone original.

It’s been 10 years since the original iPhone and many designers and fans of the company are showing their own concepts of how you imagine the edition of the tenth anniversary. On this occasion, we bring you a concept of an iPhone x with a design of what is most interesting.

apple iphone x

Elimination of the home button, Wireless Charging Pad, new design… these are just some of the changes that could suffer the iPhone in his tenth edition. So we don’t entertain more, and we’ll see how they imagine Imran Taylor this iPhone X.

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iPhone X, the tenth-anniversary edition of the Apple smartphone

Recovering materials from previous models, iPhone X would be manufactured by the glass in both the front and rear, with a new framework of Liquid metal. On the other hand, Taylor thinks the iPhone x would have a thickness of only 6.9 millimeters, OLED Display of 5.8 inches without edges and incorporated the Touch ID on the screen.

what is the newest iphone

Another one of the great news is expected to bring the iPhone X is the wireless charging pad, something that has already been discussed on numerous occasions. Also, the smartphone would have a second touch-sensitive screen in the lower bezel notifying and provides quick access to the apps and notifications when the screen is off. In the back are three little dots on the bottom that wouldn’t be anything other than the smart connector, while upstairs would be a dual-Lens Camera 3D.

new iphones

Concerning the interior of the iPhone X find the Apple A11 10nm chip, a dual camera 12-megapixel camera with a wide-Angle Lens and another telephoto lens. The new technology of the iPhone X camera would allow photographs 3D, would be able to take pictures of augmented reality and parallax, measure distance and volume, implement measures to objects of augmented reality and have a facial recognition function 3D.

iphone x display

Finally, to say that the iPhone X would be two colors: Black or white, would it change the color of the lateral manufactured in Liquid metal. In this sense, the model would be the white side in Gold, Rose Gold or Silver, while the black model would be available with the black side and a variant of the silver color.

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