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iPhone 9 Release Date, Design, and Price

iPhone 9 Release Date, Design, and Price

Apple introduced –iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X– 12th September. And he attracted great interest around the world. This will introduce you to iPhone X Plus iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus. The new iPhone will come with many new features.

iPhone 9 Release

iPhone 9 Release Date

iPhone 9 will introduce to the whole world in September 2018. Apple has made the introduction of iPhone X Plus and iPhone 9, 9 Plus models until this time from September. The iPhone 9 release date will also be in September.

iPhone 9 Design

iPhone 9 design

Apple design is very important. Both phones are making design changes on their phones. iPhone 8 did not change much, so all eyes are on the iPhone 9.

The expected iPhone 9 is expected to have a harder line, as it will remind me of the past.
It is expected to come with a square design like iPhone X model. Users are now also expected by the new design iPhone.
The Apple iPhone 9 will further improve the fingerprint reader. The fingerprint reader will be placed on the screen.

iPhone 9 Price

Apple has always produced quality products and delivered them to users at the most reasonable price. The price of the iPhone 9 is not precise. But the price range of the iPhone 9 is expected to be like this:

iPhone 9, 32 GB> $ 1199
iPhone 9, 64 GB> $ 1399
iPhone 9, 128 GB> $ 1599

iPhone 9 Plus, 32 GB> $ 1299
iPhone 9 Plus, 64 GB> $ 1499
iPhone 9 Plus 128, GB> $ 1699
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