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iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Salt Water Test

iPhone 8 Gold finish really beautiful still got the ceiling here, and I want to do a little comparison test with the Galaxy S8.
I want to do a water test but not a ordinary just basic water test or a boiling water test but sea water that’s what I have here and I’ve actually had an instance where I was in Hawaii and I took a dip with my 7 Plus and a couple minutes I was only there for maybe 2 minutes I just swam around a little bit I literally just kind of did this I wanted to see, and I realized that the phone broke a couple of hours after and I was actually kind of surprised you know water resistant thinking like why did it break it started glitching out and then it wouldn’t turn on at all so I’m thinking maybe it’s the salt that really can break these phones because regular water you know they’re gonna last for hours don’t feel probably gonna survive like 90% of the chance but what about straight-up seawater so we got salt water here and then we got the S8 that iPhone 8, of course, keep in mind 67 certified 68 certified so technically the S8 should last longer, but we’ll see what happens let’s get start.

Thanks for watching as always stay tuned for more videos, and I hope you enjoyed it.

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