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iPhone 8 In Real Life!

iPhone 8 In Real Life!

See This Apple iPhone 8 Final Design (Based on rumors) in Augmented Reality by iOS 11 Beta ARKit! The last batch of photos of a so-called iPhone 8 have been shared with the audience this morning. This version of the iPhone is one of the three – so the story goes – with the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus more coming first.

The iPhone 8 will be the biggest and best of the three – more powerful and more advanced in the entire Apple’s smartphone collection. So, what makes these pictures so unique?

This device seems to be sporting a large power button – not unlike the iPhone 7 Plus – and a pair of volume buttons. There’s a switch to silence the phone or maintain the lock screen orientation. There is a Sim card slot, too – each one of these is not exactly the changing game details. They are basically the same elements that are on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Via | ConceptsiPhone

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