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The iPhone 8 might not be as innovative if this Chinese manufacturer advances you

The iPhone 8 might not be as innovative if this Chinese manufacturer advances you

iPhone 8 might not innovative

One of the main claims that could have had the next iPhone was his screen. Not only by its OLED technology, which in itself is something quite important for any fan of the panels, but by the added that would have in its interior and its design. To begin, there would completely eliminate the iconic home button that has accompanied us from the first model, and with it the Touch ID, at least, of the way in which we now know it.

Almost since it began to rumor near the existence of an iPhone special for the tenth anniversary of the line, indicated that there would be major changes in the front of the device. In order to make this possible, appeared the possibility that the device had the fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen. This would have involved a great revolution for the industry and would have ceased to Apple again as the pioneer in which innovation is concerned. If it were not because it seems that will not be the first.

Vivo will launch a new smartphone with fingerprint sensor integrated into the display

vivo launch new smartphone

The Chinese manufacturers are quite revolutionized lately. No longer conform to as close as possible to the design of the main models of the market, but which are now ready to launch before anyone else the latest developments in technology. In this case, the manufacturer Vivo Smartphone has initiated the machinery of marketing to present a new model of smartphone that could leave the iPhone 8 as a mere copy for the first time.

If you meet the rumors, and so it seems so shall, Vivo will have the first device with fingerprint sensor integrated. Nor Samsung, or Apple, but a company which, despite being among the most recognized of the Chinese industry, you do not have too much presence outside of Asia, although it is in full international expansion. Since then, it would be good to see the speeches that would have used if they were not had advance. But it seems that this time it will not be the case.

And you, what do you think of this technology? Do you think that will change the design of mobile phones as we know it?

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