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iPhone 8 Edition Introduction

iPhone 8 Edition Introduction

iphone 8 edition

10 years ago we introduced our first iPhone that LED to a big change in the mobile market thanks to our innovation a new standard has been set and with the iPhone Edition we are doing that again the iPhone Edition is our innovation and technology working together to make the perfect device with stunning design details including an engraved addition text to highlight our craftsmanship because of our craftsmanship you get a beautiful big display but in a small footprint making the phone the same size the iPhone 7 but with a bigger screen and the OLED true tone display is almost covering the entire front that combined with the curves on the top and bottom make it fuse beautifully with the body and even more amazing is that we integrated our Touch ID below the display below the display we integrated transducers these transducers produce a sound wave pulse in response to an electrical stimulus these waves would reflect off the input surface each fingerprint would create unique reflections allowing the system to authenticate a user we also find it very important to give you the best camera we can with the iPhone edition you get just that you get a dual camera that allows you to capture so much more even details you can’t see with your eyes because of our improved slow motion capture that allows you to shoot up to nine hundred and sixty frames per second the dual camera layout also helps with wide angle shots allowing you to capture more in a single picture this is because we managed to integrate a three times optical zoom and we improve the sensor as well the camera has a 1.7 aperture allowing more light to be captured and therefore improving the low-light shots and macro shots and the focus is instant you can now truly capture everything you want but to further our innovation we also included Wireless Charging but even worse when you put your phone next to your charger path all this combined makes this our most beautiful and most innovative iPhone ever introducing the iPhone Edition.

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