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iPhone 8 Design Leaked!

iPhone 8 Design Leaked!

iPhone 8 Design Leaked

What’s up guys as the iPhone 8 nearest production we may have our very first look at the design so this is based office of schematics that have leaked from a reputable source I wanted to share that with you today among other iPhone 8 news and a lot of exciting feature leaks that have been confirmed by a very reputable news source so let’s get into all that today and this is the representation we created of these leaked schematics they were provided by Sonny Dickson who actually accurately predicted several things in the past he shared the iPhone Acorn OS that ran on the first iPhone as well as a prototype case the Apple uses too high prototype models before releases so this guy shared quite some history of apple with us now he’s got his hands on the actual schematic or 3D model of the shell of the supposed iPhone 8 now it doesn’t really match up to earlier rumors that’s one big red flag I mean it’s made of aluminum and it’s got a big circle in the back possibly for a fingerprint sensor as ugly as that would be as annoying as it would be Apple may have to move to this and we’ll get to that in a second due to some Touch ID issues so that may happen on the back on the front we still may have a full-screen display but this doesn’t really tell much about that he also says it may even have us bc as that’s not immediately clear from these models it also does have a vertical camera on the rear so this would basically be the iPhone 7 plus camera just shifted vertically and it may have other uses for like VR and AR. For more info watch this video.

Anyways guys that is the latest on the iPhone 8 right now on the iPhone 7s & 7S Plus, so I hope you guys enjoyed our updated concepts for more iPhone rumors as they do come out there is any a lot more coming as we’re nearing the release date coming later in September this year.

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