Wednesday , November 13 2019
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iPhone 7

Hy Guys! i am Pensive Star and i am very happy and excited today because Apple company has launched new model mobile iPhone 7 based on iOS technology.

Apple iPhone 7 Features:


I had to say about its big screen size because Apply iPhone 7 is going to be bigger screen.


The front panel camera is 14 megapixel and front camera is 4 megapixel.It is more better than iPhone 6.


Processor is the backbone of any phone.Its a quad-core A9 processor of Apple iPhone 7.Its processor is very fast and better performance


iPhone 7 memory is more than iPhone 6 could be 256 GB or unlimited.


Apple has introduce projector in their new model iPhone 7. It is designed for office work and mostly used for present the PowerPoint slides

iPhone 7 Price:

It is very expensive mobile and its price is between 1000-1200 USD.

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