Tuesday , November 13 2018
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iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Drop Test!

We’re going to be comparing the new beast Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus in a variety of tests so this one we’re going to start with the drop durability test so essentially I want to see how does the new Gorilla Glass 5 that will sound in the Note 7 and now is on the S8 Plus hold up against the dual ion glass on the iPhone 7 Plus these things have been incredibly resilient you know we’ve dropped them last year the iPhone 6S dating and break so I’m assuming this one will do just as well compared to this guy no trickery you know I have nothing gained I love both of these companies you know fantastic phones although we obviously no one is better here don’t anyone know I said that so here we go Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus Drop Test.

Via | EverythingApplePro

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