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iPhone 7 vs 6S BEND Test!

iPhone 7 vs 6S BEND Test!

What’s up guys, we have iPhone 7 models here so far they have survived my brutal tests and not a single one it has broken, and that’s what’s amazing, so we scratch them we dropped them we’ve drowned them and they’re still here, so that leaves one question for me and how is the rigidity of the shelf so there’s actually a very important key difference in the body this time around, so there is no longer a concave insert in the volume buttons this was one of the biggest points of failures when he came to bend on the iPhone 6, and 6 plus Apple went ahead and fixed that with the success I tested it in last year’s been test it did much much better but I’m thinking there will be a difference between these 6s and iPhone 7 just because of that difference right there, so I want to go ahead and test out the bend test capability of the iPhone 7 how much power does it take to bend this thing it is a little bit lighter but you know I just want to test the materials the structure comparing it to the iPhone 6s.

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