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IPhone 7 Submits the First Test of Resistance, and not out very well

iphone 7 water resistant

Since it was submitted the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, many have been especially Apple- haters of those who have waited to see the first scratch and bend tests of devices bitten apple. From the #bendgate, the company has not stopped to show that its terminals are the toughest. The new colors (black matte and glossy black) liked the public, but not to the test.

Everything goes through the destructive hands of JerryRigEverything on YouTube. One of the first seven black matte iPhone has been subjected to hard scratched test, bent and burned this creator of audiovisual content based solely on destroying electronic equipment.

Using a screwdriver, increasingly more force and pressure on the screen, we see how the external crystal is scratched halfway through the test. Meanwhile, the matte finish back cover does a disservice to Apple in this test, it is completely gone. Very easy to scratch and scratch, as can be seen.

iphone 7 water resistant

On the other hand, the glass of the camera and Quad-LED is very easy for us to go to ruin its polished or outer layer, in less than a rooster crows disappear the characteristic glow of a fresh out of the box device. With this, JerryRigEverything confirms that the camera glass is sapphire, as many claimed.

iphone 7 water resistant

In another vein, the new Home button that has given so much to talk about. This mini touchpad is covered with a crystal – not sapphire, of course, and their integrity is compromised with a pressure level 6/10 with the screwdriver.

iphone 7 water resistant

Since leaving the iPhone 6s, Apple has built its terminals in aluminum 7000, much stronger than before. In the test, it is possible to bend a little the terminal, but not too clearly. Yes, you can see clearly how the housing is separated from the adhesive that Apple has used to give your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus water resistance IP67 so challenged.

In terms of durability, color black matte not be the best option, it is very easy that you will generate stripes on its back cover if you like to carry the terminal without -a cover her hair. This test clarifies the issue of sapphire, which will anger many people, and they will feel deceived by Apple.

Via | Appleinsider

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