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iPhone 7 Specifications and Features Roundup [Rumors]

iphone 7 features and specifications

Apple has since always been releasing increment based IPhones to their users which is always up to their expectations. Recently Apple has launched IPhone 6 and IPhone 6s that has been a news for Apple users because of its enhanced and ease providing features. So, as Apple has always been coming up with new models, it is most expected that Apple will launch a new IPhone around in next September, oh yes, IPhone 7, is obviously going to be more enhanced and better equipped than the previous experienced models.

IPhone has been considered by the Apple users mainly because of its standard size that is a type of custom maintained by Apple, so we can surely consider that the size and design of IPhone 7 will be something to wait for.

Let’s have a look on few heard rumors about the specification of IPhone 7.

Better Design is coming up

As we have discussed that Apple certainly focuses on the designing functionality of its IPhones, so we are sure that IPhone 7 must be having a changed and maybe totally a new design structure that we have been experiencing before. IPhone 6 and IPhone 6s material is slightly dubbed slippery and are not considered to be actually durable. So, Apple would be concentrating to keep IPhone 7 durable by its designing feature. It has been spied that IPhone 7 would be having a Sapphire glass display and liquid metal chassis will be placed on cards to avoid such smooth and slippery surface.

Of course, whenever you see such a device, its appearance is the basic feature that attracts you. It has such an impact on the Apple users that even incorporated a small battery in IPhone 6s to make sure the thin and slim external look of the gadget. And here we are not done, Apple is geared up to give a new next generation IPhone proudly.

We have got to know through some sources that IPhone 6s may be the last ever Apple production consisting of a metal body. So now you can think what IPhone 7 will be in the form of. We cannot get a guess for it, since the company has just upgraded to Series 7000 Aluminum.

iphone 7 features and specifications

Go for Touch ID Screen

We are well aware by the fact that comprising a gadget can actually gain interest and be more appealing to the IPhone users. The reduced size of the bezel below in between must be miniature just to get to the home screen, that it considers the Touch ID sensor.

A new technology has been discovered, that is, Apple has developed Sonovation that entitles to possess how found to with success implant associate degree ultra-sonic biometric detector that consists within the Corning great ape Glass that enables you to get pleasure from a high-resolution 3D fingerprint image. By turning to the Gorilla Glass for the IPhone 7, Apple can incorporate the Touch ID sensor under side of the display which will effectively reduce the bezel or buttons need from the gadget.

Well, this is just a rumor, since IPhones have been composed keeping this constant ‘bezel’ right in front.

The usage of sapphire glass

Sapphire glass is considered to be more durable and aligned by the results of testing through Apple watch. The usage of sapphire lass will surely be successful due to the liking of people and also its technical features are surely supporting it to be there in IPhone 7. And since, Apple is aiming to keep its device durable and long lasting, this would be quite a good enhancement to be made.

Any new feature expected

It is most likely not possible that IPhone 7 will be introduced composing of any new feature, since Apple has recently given much features in IPhone 6 and 6s. But you may surely rely that Apple is not going to make you upset by lowering the expectations, smartphone apps will be certainly a feature added.

Liquid metal framework

A framework of liquid metal will certainly be deposited on the cards as well, which can make your device, IPhone 7 more durable and long lasting than that of aluminum. As much the less the quantity will be, will be an advantage and useful functionality to get the same degree of strength as 7000 series of Aluminum, which will make your device slimmer, thinner and smarter.

Hey, waterproof now

We have encountered such Samsung and other smartphones that are waterproof and water resistant, since Apple has not given up such a feature productivity in IPhones, so may be, you never know, what update in such features could be made by Apple to entertain their users.

Over Heating

Apple has been encountering many complaints of the Touch ID sensor and home buttons burning up like being heated up, so now, Apple has filed a patent that paid for the methodology that has automatically caped the usage of power which itself cools and settles it down.

So, IPhone 7 is being considered to be provided with this new technology to get rid of such complaints by the Apple lovers. A temperature sensor will be there to monitor the internal given temperature of the device which will be adjusted according to the usage of power.

Gesture Password

We have always experienced the entering of a given particular number of digits as our code to get into our IPhone, since in other smartphones we can see a variety of gestures provided to get into the private stuff you have in your phones.

Well, IPhone 7 is coping up and is ready to give such new gestures to the users, iOS 10 is rumored to provide such a feature in IPhone 7.

Wireless charging and a new charger is here

Wireless charging sounds to be interesting right? If you eventually remember Apple has given wireless charging tech for Apple watch so obvio it won’t be hard to give it for the IPhone 7 right?

The world is surely moving really fast and is going beyond the USB connectivity charging stuff, so why should Apple be left behind? a replacement lightening feature are going to be additional to the chargers of IPhone to offer new feel and appearance. Videos that has been leaked in link to Apple, considers that Apple may introduce an efficient reversible charger for IPhone 7.

Processor A10

Apple powered the iPhone 6 with the A8 and then went on to introduce the remarkably powerful A9 for the iPhone 6s. Consequently, one would naturally expect the company to go a step further and introduce the A10 for the iPhone 7.

Rumor has it that the A10 processor is likely to have six cores, a major upgrade from the current dual-core system that powers the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. However, this would mean that the iPhone 7 would not only be a beast in terms of performance, but will also cost the company considerably more.

Battery cells

IPhone battery doesn’t last long? Well, Apple has considered this issue to its best. And has showed the effective way to convey it through IPhone 6s. This is powered by a 1715mAh unit, opposed to 1810mAh unit that is found in its processor. Apple is considered to stack battery cell that has been same of as 12 inch MacBook. You can easily get this in upcoming IPhone 7, proving your gadget to be more better having a battery life long-lasting.

Click with camera

Camera resolution has always been a main and important concern of Apple, IPhone 6 and IPhone 6s has been graded up with an amazing resolution of result of pixels. IPhone 6s was geared up to 12MP iSight rear camera alongside 5MP front shooter, and these are the same strong specs that are expected to be in IPhone 7.

Capacity to store

Lately Apple was bounded up to 32 GB IPhones but IPhone 6 and IPhone 6s Plus geared up the increasing capacity of storage up to 128GB variant. The users were more likely to be used of 16 GB so it is much expected that IPhone 7 will be given a capacity of 32GB to store the data. This declares that IPhone 7 will be overpriced.

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