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iPhone 7: Released in 2016 !

cool features of iphone 7
The year shows just the tip of sn nose and rumors are rife about the new iPhone 7 due out in 2016 : more efficient batteries and incredible storage capacity.
That is certainly what could happen if the latest rumors and indiscretions just see .
The iPhone 7 due out in June but the exact date to be announced by Apple earlier this year .

Characteristics :

Screen : Apple has developed for this new iPhone 7, a borderless screen that could extend over the entire front . It is also very likely that the 3DTouch functionality is available on the terminal.
Processor : Present in the Pro chip A9X iPad can be built in the iPhone 7. The processor may have six cores and will be called the A10.
Modem & Network : A new chip produced by Intel network is being designed and would provide a significant boost network performance to the device.
The most likely for the new iPhone rumors 7 are as follows :
Battery : Apple is trying to find a solution to save space on their device . Researchers from the firm Intelligent Energy would also work on a battery with a battery life 7 days and running on hydrogen .
Sealing : Apple would consider a waterproof smartphone with hydrophobic components.
Cameras : The iPhone 6s incorporates a Facetime front detector 5Mpx , iPhone 7 would have logically identical detector .
In association with Samsung, Apple will seek a rapid disappearance of the specific SIM card for operators to focus on the internal SIM card.
To realize an iPhone 7 as thin as an iPod Touch, You should not go last screen resolution and, therefore, does not show 4k.
– Apple may abandon the standard mechanical Home button to lighten the machine and expand the screen size.
– Apple may conjointly abandon the mini electro-acoustic transducer port to supply its own range of compatible headsets and optimized for iPhone 7.
– In contrast, the iPhone 7 Plus could offer up to 256 GB of storage, which would distinguish it from the iPhone 7 , the maximum storage remains to 128GB .
– Nothing is said of the doable disappearance of the 16GB model . Besides the screen size , the iPhone 7 plus would have a further way to distinguish himself from his brother. The capability of the battery , already higher than the 4.7- in. model would also be revised upwards . it might increase from 2750 mAh to 3100 mAh .

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