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IPhone 7 providers are prepared for dual camera and stereo speakers

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Today some new rumors emerging suppliers will manufacture components for the iPhone 7. This is Cirrus Logic and Analog Devices, which have begun to produce stock for these parts of the terminal future of Apple. Production of the iPhone 7 will start in Q2 and Q3 of this year so that everything is ready for launch in September.
Cirrus Logic is the company responsible for the speakers, which are stereo thanks to Apple will get rid of the jack of 3.5 mm for the first time. This connector will be replaced by the Lightning, which will expand the range of headphones with this connection, which until now were very few.
Just hope Apple takes, at least, a jack- Lightning adapter does not upend the world of headphones. In any case, the Bluetooth headset will continue to function as before, and will probably become increasingly popular due to the change of attitude of Apple.
As for the camera, at least in the iPhone 7 Plus -for issues size- see a dual lens system, with components supplied by Analog Devices. This system could be based on LinX technology, which could provide brighter and detailed images with close to an SLR quality.
With this system, we could get incredibly better pictures in a smaller, and smaller sensors need not fatten the size of the camera and enable increasingly thinner terminals, where space width cm size.
The maker of the chip is probably TSMC instead of Samsung, despite the problems they had after the earthquake, But the expansion of the production line of 16 nm, which will result in smaller, more efficient processors, is a real indication that Apple will be suppliers for the future iPhone 7.

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