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iPhone 7 Plus still the most powerful smartphone despite the pitfalls of its competitors

Amazing news comes from the world of smartphones. I’m sure that’s ever happened to you that you get the iPhone among a group of known and someone claims about having bought a phone that works just as well as the iPhone, as powerful as the iPhone but for much less money. Although many independent consultants have shown that the iPhone 7 Plus -followed by his little brother the iPhone 7- it’s the smartphone faster and more powerful of the market, it gives the impression that other low-cost models will not be left behind.

But watch yourself, from the forum of XDA Developers have been in charge of putting the cards on the table. And is that apparently, while companies like Samsung and LG have already been ransacked cheating with their benchmarks, are now Meizu OnePlus and those that might be faking data for their devices that appear in the ranking so far up which corresponds.

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But first of all, we need to do a paragraph on the steps of power or benchmark. In reality, the raw power in no case should be main reason to justify the purchase of a terminal. And more when in reality their performance should be assessed jointly, I mean, how do you answer that raw power on a device with other components hardware running a certain operating system. In fact, it is no coincidence that between Mac users their computers were hanged less and work more fluid that other windows that have in theory best specifications. The Secret? Among others, a custom software of your hardware.

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The funny thing about all of this is that, in spite of cheating with their performance data of, aren’t even able to unseat iPhone 7 from Apple because of course, it would be showcasing an obvious truth and self-evident: that are located a few steps from the bottom of the Emblem of the smartphone from Cupertino.

So we understand each other, this discovery points directly to OnePlus and their models 3 AND 3T. Specifically in the case of OnePlus shows 0.98 GHz powers superior to the real ones, and less evil, because of being true to the integrity of your battery would be in danger of logical form, since the battery would fly by overheating. Most blatant. It’s still Meizu, that’s not even in the top ten.

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