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iPhone 7 outlasts Samsung Galaxy S7 in 35-foot water immersion

iphone 7 vs samsung galaxy s7

If we talk about competition in the world of technology, there is no comparable to leading Apple and Samsung with their mobile devices. And this is something very beautiful. Besides being good for both companies, which year after year outstrip themselves, also it benefits us, consumers.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are for the first time in the history of Apple, resistant to water and dust. Both devices have been certified to IP67 water resistance, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 was classified as IP68.

iphone 7 vs samsung galaxy s7

A new video on a test water resistance among smartphones Apple and Samsung has been posted on YouTube recently. And the results have been amazing. Do you dare to see it with us?

Test of water resistance to 10 meters deep

Comparative test the new water resistance between the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7 has opted to smartphone Apple as the undisputed winner despite having a lower certification.

In the immersion 3 meters underwater, both smartphones still working perfectly. When the devices were submerged under 15 meters, the Galaxy S7 began to restart and activated Siri iPhone 7.

Both behaviors are relatively rare, but when smartphones 10 meters immersed for 5 minutes, the Galaxy S7 died, and the iPhone 7 continued to operate, although he returned to activate Siri.

iphone 7 vs samsung galaxy s7

Video reviews

Apple’s recommendation

Interestingly, Apple does not recommend submerging the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus for a long time under water. However, EverythingApplePro guys have shown again and again in their videos that is virtually impossible to “drown” the new iOS smartphone with 10.

While it is important to note that, as we said Apple, the water resistance of the iPhone 7 will progressively degraded or wearing as time passes. So you know guys/girls, very careful when give you those wonderful selfies in writers. ????

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