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iPhone 7 Jet Black is the most fragile of all

fragile iphone

One of the new iPhone 7 is the arrival of new colors, the most striking Jet Black or gloss black, which Apple has already warned that it would be more prone to scratches and scrapes than other options matt aluminum. But to what extent the iPhone 7 Jet Black is more fragile than the rest of his teammates?

From The Verge have been using one of these iPhone 7 Jet Black to make a review, but make it clear that it was a totally conventional use, no test him with extreme test to see how far resisted. They claim that the iPhone 7 was used in day to day like any other iPhone.

fragile iphone

But the only weak point, to say to somehow iPhone 7 Jet Black is the predisposition to scratch the glossy layer. Below you do not have to worry because it is as strong as the rest of his teammates.

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The glossy black finish iPhone 7, more prone to scratches than the rest

The editor of The Verge says that the scratches on the back of your iPhone 7 Jet Black not seen all the time, only when light is incident from a certain angle on them. On the other hand, it points out that fingerprints also are marked easily in this glossy black finish.

Many people believe that the iPhone 7 Jet Black needs a protective casing, which Apple also suggests, but this writer disagrees. To do this, compare the iPhone 7 with a Ferrari and says like do not buy a red to have it all day in the Ferrari garage, do not have the iPhone 7 wrapped so that nothing happens.

On the other hand, says that the iPhone 7 Jet Black has a finish that makes it easier to grip than the rest of his teammates. Something that no longer surprising as the brightest things tend to be more slippery, but Apple has thought of everything.

The results from scratches seen in the images is after a few days of use and would have to see how this Jet Black iPhone 7 after several months of continuous use. Only time will tell…

And you, do you have an iPhone 7 Jet Black? Do you already have any scratches? Tell us your experience in comments!

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