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iPhone 7 Jet Black or Black iPhone 7?

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They talked, talked and not stop talking about it would present a new color Apple for its range of smartphones. Much was rumored about a possible blue, however, Apple ended decanting by the “Jet Black” in the Apple Store Online Spain translated as “brilliant black” (let Jet Black is more glamorous). However, this new color has created a dilemma between prospective buyers iPhone 7 due to its base color, and the difference is based on the brightness. It is clear that the new iPhone 7 Jet Black will attract many looks, but iPhone 7 Jet Black or Black iPhone 7? That is the question when buying. We show some original photos for you to see the real difference.

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And it is that computer renderings that Apple offers in the Apple Online Store are fantastic, but we know that is not gold that glitters, and we would like to see an iPhone 7 Jet Black looks on a real hostile environment. Therefore, and thanks to the guys Redmondpie, we bring you these photographs Live Jet Black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 compared to Black so you can appreciate the true differences. It is very bright, maybe too bright.

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The reality is that in the absence of an uncontrolled brightness, it would cost us to distinguish with the naked eye, however, just need to move around the device to observe the great patent leather that looks iPhone 7 Jet Black, something that certainly makes object of attention. But this is no time to despise the iPhone 7 Black finally a matte black device, after all, this time swinging with Spacial Grey, a color that did not meet at all the purists, as it was halfway between the silver and the black. Anyway, you have to decide yourself with these photos natural. Do not forget either, that the iPhone 7 Jet Black has many ballots micro – abrasions suffered because of the sensitivity of the material, which could’ll stay many scratches or loss of color.

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