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iPhone 6s video camera better than Nikon D750 DSLR

So crazy for pictures and having photo-shoots professionally? Confused about what to opt for? Well, let us tell you that you shouldn’t worry to get an expensive much DSLR to get yourself look good in pictures or videos, because IPhone 6s is announcing a blasting news related to the camera resolution and effects that may turn your pictures and videos into what you’ve been dreaming since long.

Here, we are going to prove IPhone 6s camera to be better than Nikon D750 in video comparison. Well, haters may hate, but that’s what we will be proving.

The IPhone 6s camera dives above the power of processors that is of DSLR, and its 4K optimization is enabling you to have a high quality better than the result and resolution of DSLR, right there in your pocket.

iphone 6s 4k

IPhone 6s Stunning details that will amaze you

Grab an IPhone and go out, explore this world, and capture each and every moment to recall it whenever you want to.

You want to last your memories?

Taking pictures with your IPhone having 12MP pictures and 4K videos enhancing the quality of your pictures and videos is going to create a vast memory album for you in your lives to remember these live moments as you did spend.

Each pixel will contribute to enhance the quality

The sensor detecting your pictures process more focus, and stability to get your pictures captured. This amazing camera resolution is being enhanced by every pixel involved contributing to your videos and pictures quality.

Lights. Camera. Action.

So, ready to capture your amazing moments in to keep them close to you forever. Well, grab IPhone 6s and go out there to record your videos in 4K resolution, better than HD videos. Even after zooming onto those 8 million pixels focusing sharply on your pictures or videos. Don’t worry, even in dim and lower lights you can have smooth, beautiful shots to capture.

Nikon D750 – DSLR

Having a desire to have a DSLR in your hand, well Nikon D750 has a CMOS sensor type, with effective Megapixels of 24.3 having a sensor format of 35mm having approximate pixel pitch of 5.97 microns. Of course, having a DSLR in your hand makes you feel professional and like a boss to walk among the crowd. But having such a heavy object in front of your face, in your hands to get something clicked, sometimes that’s irritating to get hold of such DSLR, with its heavy and sensitive lens, carrying around with its bag to keep it safe.

Comparing the IPhone 6s and Nikon D750?

Of course, IPhone 6s doesn’t support every functionality that a professional require so it isn’t like night and day but since it doesn’t sustain in the dim and low light situations and neither there are several customizing lenses available that for the DSLRs. But, it does degrades the videos captured by DSLR in the most ideal shooting conditions with 4K, 30fps video that IPhone supports to downscale to 1080p and 1080p. On the other hand, Nikon has set a record of 30fps video with a maximum quality at ISO 100 and F/8 and the result is eccentric.

Grab IPhone 6s and leave your DSLR at the table of your home

But, what if I say, that you don’t have to hold such bulky DSLRs any more, in fact all you can do is to fit your pocket with IPhone 6s and enjoy ‘better’ result for videos than you may capture it by your DSLR. So, go on, grab your IPhone 6s, get your shades on and explore your place of love and wonders capturing it all in one place with an amazing camera resolution and 4k HD videos, making your moments feel live again and again you play it to recall.

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