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iPhone 6S Release Date Rumors and New Features

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can be only a few months, but that has not stopped Apple watchers to look forward, now that 2015 is on the horizon and ask what are the plans of Apple smartphone for the year could be here we round up all the rumors about the successor to the iPhone 6, dubbed iPhone 6S, including voices including voices release date,features and new features

In this article, we are focusing on the next generation iPhone, that is, iPhone 4.7in 6 that has launched in September.Se you are looking for rumors about the next generation of Apple’s iPhone 5.5in, the iPhone 6 Plus .if you’re after information on the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, visit our review iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus review.

iPhone 6s Release Date Rumors: When the iPhone 6S coming out?

The most likely release date for the iPhone 6S ‘in September 2015, which would follow the story iPhone release program Apple iPhone 6 or 6 Plus were released in September 2014, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C September 2013, the iPhone 5 in September 2012 and the iPhone 4S in the month of October 2011.

However, it is possible that Apple will choose to begin releasing new smartphones twice a year, to keep pace with the growing and improve the competition from rivals such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and others

In fact, the last entry (though a particularly shaky), suggests that iPhone 6S could arrive in spring 2015 next to the Supervisory Board of Apple, which is also expected at that time. That voice comes from Stabley Times, which says: “Our source says that Apple is hesitant about the launch of iWatch [sic] in the spring of 2015 without a new iPhone to go with it, because it could give consumers an excuse for hesitant wait for the purchase until the fall. ”

Note that the report calls the supervision of the Apple ‘iWatch’, a name that has been widely rumored for SmartWatch Apple, but was not used by the company. The report goes on to suggest that the iPhone 7 (which is supposed to be the successor to the iPhone 6 Plus), is the smartphone that will launch in September 2015. Unless, of course, is launched in the spring of 2016. (We did warn that the item may not be completely reliable).

Despite the rough nature of the relationship, it is completely incomprehensible that Apple will launch a new iPhone alongside Guard Apple next year, but it seems much less likely of a September launch for us.

However, a relationship that has emerged in early December, however, seem to reject the idea that the iPhone 6S will arrive in spring 2015. Economic Daily News reports that, while the watch Apple is still likely to arrive in the spring, chip A9 iPhone 6S (you can find more information in the article) is not yet in mass production, which suggests that a launch spring is off the cards, after all.

iPhone 6S Rumors: What new features will the iPhone 6S have?

Rumors about the next generation iPhone have not yet taken the step, but we can expect to see them to take to the day as the New Year arrives. For now, though, there are some rumors floating around about the new features of the iPhone 6S, specifications and design, we have gathered below.

iPhone 6S Rumors: ball new iPhone 6S mini?

The latest rumor to hit the web just ahead of Christmas 6S suggest that the iPhone will be accompanied by a ‘iPhone 6S mini’, a new Apple smartphone 4-inch that will launch alongside the iPhone 6S 5.5in iPhone and 7 in 2015.

This is according to analyst Timothy Arcuri sometimes accurate Cowen and Company, which says its sources claim that it is ‘possible’ that Apple could launch three new versions of the iPhone next year.

iPhone 6S Rumors: Design & Display

We expect Apple to stay with the 4.7in display for the successor of the iPhone 6, as it is a display format that seems to have gone down well with the fans so far. Also I do not think that the overall design of the iPhone 6S will be very different from the Apple iPhone 6. tends to maintain the same exterior design for its iPhone for two generations, so expect the same thin, light and rounded design that is put in shows for the iPhone 6 to be present when the iPhone 6S arrives.

There have been some rumors to the contrary, though, especially one that suggests the iPhone 6S screen could wrap around the edges of the smartphone similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

This entry was inspired by a patent Apple official, describing “view” side that extend to the sides of the iPhone, providing interactive portions or sensitive to touch that let you access the slide-to-unlock, controls the music player , reading messaging, caller ID, system controls, and more.

There is some debate about whether the iPhone 6S will be more durable through the use of new materials such as sapphire crystal and Liquidmetal, but the failure of socio sapphire Apple has put a spanner in the works there, to say the least .

GT Advanced Technologies has partnered with Apple to produce the sapphire crystal in an Apple factory property in Arizona, which could have been used for the production of 200 million 5in display of the iPhone a year, so that without the partnership, the probability sapphire crystal used in an iPhone anytime soon is greatly damaged. Liquidmetal is still on the cards, but. Apple has an exclusive license for the material, but currently uses only the SIM removal tool, despite its desirable qualities, such as durability.

iPhone 6S items: Camera

Rumors surfaced in November 2014 suggest that we should expect great things from the camera in the next generation of iPhone.In reality, the claim is that the camera of iPhone 6S represent the biggest leap in the history of the iPhone camera.

The entry is from reliable blogger John Gruber of Daring Fireball, who said in a podcast that his source claims that the camera of the iPhone 6S will have a system of two lenses that could help enable users to capture “the DSLR-quality images. ”

iPhone 6S items: Processor

It ‘very likely that the processor will be named the iPhone 6S A9 processor, in the wake of the already powerful processor A8 64-bit.It will be flanked by coprocessor M9, which manages the efficiency taking all the processes performed by the sensors away from main processor

The A9 is said to be being produced by Samsung, which is apparently in talks with Apple about becoming the only manufacturer of its chips, the role of a time before the responsibility was handed over to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) . The chip A9 is believed to be being manufactured in Austin Apple factory, so that the processor could be a ‘Made in America’ of the components, according to the Korean Electronic Times.

iPhone 6S items: Battery life

There were some rumors about different methods of charging for the iPhone 6S, including wireless charging (which did not arrive with the iPhone 6 as expected, but was introduced for the Apple Watch as inductive charging), as well as a new, reversible USB charger. In August, he says the new magazine surfaced on YouTube, thanks to a view showing a cable prototype in action with a USB connector and reversible connector already lightning reversible.

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