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iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Specs Comparison

Apple and Samsung has been in a battle since the beginning, both the companies have always entertained us with the best of what they have discovered. Apple is up with its new IPhone 6s Plus which is again in a state of competition with the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5. The bigger the better has been the strategy the smartphone users are adapting now a days, so both of these gadgets honor in a battle of the phablets.

We are going to define both the gadgets here according to the specifications they are composed of and how they compete in every field.

Design is what matters, and display resolution is essential, right?

iphone 6s plus vs galaxy note 5

As we have already mentioned above before starting the article, that IPhone 6s Plus and Galaxy Note 5, both are in a critical competition. Well, the both gadgets doesn’t make much difference in appearance or size, but it is crucial to mention that Galaxy Note 5 is having a 0.2 inch taller display than IPhone 6s Plus.

Similarly, we can see that IPhone 6s Plus somehow lacks in the display resolution, because Galaxy Note 5 is going to display the material on your screen with a sharp and better resolution of 1440×2560 pixels, whereas on the other hand IPhone 6s Plus is displaying it a resolution of 1080×1920 pixel, that’s a difference right? So, for the ones who actually consider display resolution as a crucial feature, well, go for Galaxy Note 5 right away.

Require a powerful gadget?

iphone 6s plus vs galaxy note 5

Well, the internal features are no doubt the most important ones you go for while buying a gadget for yourself. You would never go for a device that has no power of securing and saving your data. In this aspect, Galaxy Note 5 is considered to win the argument because it is superior in RAM and processing power while comparing it with IPhone 6s Plus.

You can acquire RAM of 4GB in Galaxy Note 5, and experience multiple apps running simultaneously without hanging or making your device hard enough, similarly, the switching between multiple apps is much evener. Whereas IPhone 6s Plus is giving you a RAM of 2GB, yeah that sounds so less now, well, this is what it is.

The batteries functions the same way in both of the devices. Galaxy Note 5, consists of non-removable Li-Po 3000 mAh battery, and on the other hand, IPhone 6s Plus is providing you with li-Po 2915 mAh batter.

When talking about the storage capacity, the IPhone 6s Plus is giving you multiple choices of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB models, whereas Note 5 is introduced with 2GB and 64GB only, so it lacks here in terms of storage.

Click and Shoot – The most vital feature wanted!

iphone 6s plus vs galaxy note 5

Camera is THE most important feature everyone looks up for! Because everyone now a days is a selfie freak, so, while comparing the feature of camera of both the gadgets we would say that both devices are certainly differing in this functionality.

IPhone 6s Plus as being an Apple production, has a main focus on the feature of camera, it is providing its users with a 12 mega pixel rear facing camera and an astonishing 5 mega pixel front camera, that’s too cool to get a smooth selfie out in the sun. Whereas considering Galaxy Note 5, it serves us with wooah, 16 mega pixels rear facing and 5 mega pixel front camera!

Additional features to add up

iphone 6s plus vs galaxy note 5

Well, as we have been observing since ever, Apple doesn’t give such unique features in IPhones which are found in other smartphones by Samsung. So, as we have a stylus pen accompanied with the Galaxy Note 5, it out stands because, oh, IPhones have never been accompanied by any such feature, ever! So maybe the adding of stylus pen cannot be considered something unique, but IPhone 6s Plus not having a stylus pen in front of Note 5 is to be considered as a news.

So, if you are in a hurry, and want to make up so notes, get your S pen in your hand and get started with Note 5. And what if you want to make notes with such an apparatus in IPhone 6s Plus, well, you don’t have one buddy! But wait, you can’t let down Apple so easily, so what actually an additional feature is being provided by IPhone 6s Plus? Well, you can’t ignore this one, because it’s the 3D touch! Yes 3D touch feature that has been introduced as a unique feature in IPhones and has not seen until now in any other.

So, if you need an S pen to get your things up note down easily, then buddy, Note 5 must be the one you should opt for. And if you will to have a new sensitive screen 3D touch feature, that what are you waiting for? IPhone 6s Plus must be in your hands.

Sum it up!

Confused right? Well, Apple and Samsung has always given us the best to use, both IPhone 6s Plus and Note 5 are considered as the new featured gadgets to get hold of. IPhone 6s Plus is introducing to a new 3D feature and Note 5 is enabling to get your work done with more ease through S pen, the display, resolutions, camera also vary. so, if you want to select any one of this, maybe you can make the right decision.

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