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iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 Release this year 2015

The iPhone 6s or 7, call it what you will, surely release this year, and rumors about the release date is already on everyone’s lips. Although Apple and Tim Cook have not confirmed anything about the iPhone 7, rumors and speculation speak of a possible debut September or October 2015. We do not know if it will be called iPhone 6s or 7, probably will become one of the most anticipated smartphones this year, just like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus they have been release 2014. Although the version of the iPhone 6 Plus was a “surprise”, the phablet has sold more than any other smartphone, with 10 million units placed in the first days after the launch….

Given the great response they received from the users Apple could anticipate the release of the new iPhone 6s / 7, although it is scheduled for September 2015. As a result some rumors say that Apple may decide to do as Samsung and Sony, and release two new smartphones every year. Indeed it is possible that iPhone 6S bait this summer, while iPhone 7 September. With two new releases every year, Apple could better counter the growing competition from Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, HTC and others, who are releasing several smartphone models every year. The release iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was a unique event in the history of Apple, because the company has decided to release two new flagship phones for different audiences. So it seems that Apple is adapting to current trends and would consider the release of several models of smartphones in the coming years. Although these are only rumors, it is quite likely considering the smartphone market growing.

We say that the release date of iPhone 7 is scheduled around September 2015, but, we could expect an iPhone 6S before that or we could imagine. If the iPhone 6S would be issued in September 2015, certainly at the beginning of 2016 would touch to iPhone 7. At the same time also 6C iPhone could be released in a similar way, bringing a more affordable version for customers who prefer to pay less.

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