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iPhone 5G Comes in 2020

iPhone 5G Comes in 2020

Apple is starting the tests for the implementation of the 5G by 2020 on the iPhone, the chip should be made by Intel but there are some problems

November 5, 2018 – According to some sources inside Cupertino, or Apple will launch in 2020 its first iPhone X with 5G technology. This is a news much awaited by users fond of Apple devices that hope to travel the Internet at a speed never seen before even on their iPhone.

To be able to bring the 5G in its next iPhone Apple is considering the idea of ​​mounting the Intel 8161 5G chip in its iPhone, but it should be launched in September 2020. It is a chip that Intel wants to implement with its technology 10 nanometers to make mobile Internet connections more efficient, stable but above all much faster. At the moment, Intel has already created a test prototype with the 8060 chip that Apple is also testing in some of the latest generations of iPhone Xs. If the experimentation phase were to succeed, it can not be ruled out that Apple will also try to anticipate the times with respect to 2020 initially set as the launch of the 5G technology on the iPhone.

Intel and Qualcomm: it’s fighting on 5G chips

However, some delays could be caused by the actual use of Intel chips. In the first tests, Apple was not satisfied by the heat emanating from this chip when browsing online users. A heat so strong that it would not only bother using the smartphone but that could also create problems on the battery itself of the iPhone. For this reason, some sources close to Cupertino do not rule out an attempt by Apple also with Qualcomm regarding the adoption of 5G chips. It must be said, however, that the Qualcomm company in its 5G technology tests found excessive heat dispersion during online navigation. It is, therefore, an improvement that all producers will have to make before being ready for a market launch. Apple would also contact MediaTek, to have a plan B in case of problems with both Intel and Qualcomm but at the moment it seems Intel the company that will produce the 5G chips for Cupertino.

Apple will still have to hurry because the first phones Oppo, Huawei and Xiaomi with 5G chipset will see the light at the next Mobile World Congress, in February 2019 in Barcelona. Cupertino cannot afford too many delays so not to leave a big advantage to Android devices.

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